Climate and environmental protection

Over the past 20 years, climate and environmental research and the use of new technologies in this area have grown rapidly to find answers to pressing questions about global climate change and the conservation of natural resources and biodiversity. These are considered by many some of the most pressing issues of our time. This field of research produces numerous technologies and solutions, many of which have multiple applications beyond this domain and can be the basis for innovation in other application areas, e.g. climate models for reinsurance and supply chain companies. Consequently, on many occasions transfer efforts face the challenge of applying technologies and solutions beyond the traditional circle of established partnerships.

Atrineo AG looks back at long standing collaborations with numerous research institutions in the field of geo-environmental research and supports these institutions in finding new ways to transfer their own R&D results and developments into marketable products and services. Scientific software plays a key role in this area; Atrineo AG supports its customers, for instance, in the development of strategies enabling public accessibility while still allowing a commercial exploitation for commercial applications.