Renewable energies

Generation, storage, transmission, distribution and consumption of energy are closely linked to a wide range of human activities and thus have an enormous impact on the global climate and the entire economy. The sustained trends towards more renewable energies and digitalisation open up vast innovation potential in the energy sector from which Atrineo AG wants to participate.

This sector is characterised by traditionally conservative players which are increasingly looking to get sustained access to innovative ideas and business models to implement onto their traditionally strong customer relationships. For this reason, special effort is required to successfully develop technologies from research institutions into successful product and services for the energy industry. Pilot projects to demonstrate the benefits and usability of new technologies go a long way towards fostering innovation and change, which is often driven by start-up companies such as those supported by Atrineo AG.

Atrineo AG has many years of experience in the energy sector and can already look back on a large number of market studies in various topics in the energy value chain as well as on supporting a multitude of R&D and pilot projects. Very successful start-ups in the energy space have been supported by Atrineo AG and its team at different levels of development: pre-inception to the first financing round. Hence, Atrineo AG is able to support projects and companies along the innovation lifecycle of energy-related technologies and solutions.