Health and nutrition

Health and nutrition are two of the key topics in the current century, especially in view of an ageing society, a rapidly expanding world population and scarcity of resources. Health and nutrition industries, pharmaceutical, medical technology, food industry, etc., are all traditionally considered to have a close link to innovation activities and are often referred to as innovative industries.

Atrineo AG is familiar with the challenges in this technology field with in-depth knowledge and experience setting up and moderating cooperation between scientists and companies in the field of health and nutrition. In this area, Atrineo AG’s core focus of support is in the planning and financing of innovation projects. Other activities in this area also include complex approval and certification procedures with extensive testing for new products and services before replacing established practices. Furthermore, finding suitable partners for industrial implementation and scaling is often a necessary precondition for successfully marketing novel technologies. To master this complexity, Atrineo AG has technically experienced employees in areas such as medical technology or biotechnology, who also have the necessary business experience with the corresponding markets and industries.