Identifying, developing and commercialising knowledge and technologies with innovation potential

Atrineo AG is a strategic partner for top scientific institutions and innovative companies in the field of knowledge and technology transfer as well as innovation management.

Atrineo AG supports its clients with the definition and establishment of strategies, structures, systems and processes for the commercialisation of knowledge and technology, but also on individual transfer cases
and transactions.

Software for innovation management

Atrineo AG develops a custom-made software solution for this area, which supports the planning, control and implementation of transfer activities and processes as required.


Atrineo AG supports its clients in securing suitable financing for strategic innovation projects

Knowledge and technology transfer

Atrineo AG is a partner for excellent research organisations and leading universities in the field of knowledge and technology transfer (KTT).

Start-ups and innovative companies

Technology-based start-ups and innovative companies are often one of the key drivers for innovation. Atrineo AG supports these companies focus their efforts to fully realise their innovation potential and reach business sustainability.

Innovation management software

With an increasing strategic importance of digitalisation in scientific institutions, many universities and research centres are presented with major challenges in the field of transfer activities and processes.

Development and implementation of transfer strategies

With changing innovation policies and environments and due to new circumstances and challenges for research institutions, critical appraisal of the positioning and strategy is required. Depending on the outcome of this review process, adaptation and further development of goals and strategies may be required in regular intervals for transfer activities.

Securing funding for innovation projects

Innovation ideas, inventions, technologies and research results can rarely be directly linked to the development of new products and services.

Definition and optimisation of processes

Many scientific institutions are currently involved in the selection and implementation of suitable IT solutions to support transfer activities and processes.

Reference projects

Strategic development of technology transfer

Continuous process for dealing with research-based intellectual property

Establishment of a transfer strategy

Support for the establishment of a company serving energy markets


New technologies

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Assessment of potential

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Market analyses

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Start-up Support

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