New Materials

New materials are responsible for enabling innovation in numerous fields and disciplines. There are many innovative products that can only be realised by the use of novel high-performance materials with new properties to improve product features and capabilities. One of the major challenges for new materials is often their long lead time, from the discovery of a certain material composition to the actual implementation of an application in practice. This is a process that often takes over 15 years to be realised, which create a vast challenge for technology transfer processes and actors.

Atrineo AG supports its customers in the identification, evaluation, development and financing of attractive applications for new material combinations and production processes. A systematic approach and using established networks for experts and companies are a decisive factor for success in this type of commercialisation. Thanks to an almost universal applicability for different industries of new materials, and with Atrineo AG’s experience in the other technology focus areas, Atrineo is able to develop together with its customers a wide range of transfer opportunities.