Innovation management software

With an increasing strategic importance of digitalisation in scientific institutions, many universities and research centres are presented with major challenges in the field of transfer activities and processes.

Atrineo AG develops customized software solutions

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Atrineo AG has developed a software solution specifically tailored for this field, which supports planning, control and implementation of transfer activities and processes along technology and knowledge life cycles.

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Atrineo Software

Relevant information, data and documents on current or completed transfer cases (projects, intellectual property right, start-ups, industrial and / or cooperation partners) are brought together in a single system. Users of the software are able to access, navigate and report on this data according to their respective application scenarios and existing workflows.

The software also facilitates documentation and reporting of all transfer related activities and services to different stakeholders, mirroring the way current research information systems (CRIS) work today for scientific publications.


Additional Services

In addition to providing a software solution, Atrineo AG also offers its customers the following software-related support services:

Definition and optimisation of processes in the area of knowledge and technology transfer

Development of data models and data structures

System implementation and configuration

Connection and interfacing to third-party systems including data integration

Migration of inventory data into a new system

Recording of not yet digitised data sets

Maintenance and support service

User training