Knowledge and technology transfer

Atrineo AG is a partner for excellent research organisations and leading universities in the field of knowledge and technology transfer (KTT).

Atrineo AG is working with all four major public research organisations


In Germany, Atrineo AG has worked with or is actively working with all four major public research organisations:

Atrineo AG's customer base also includes a number of top technical universities.

Our Services

Atrineo AG supports scientific institutions in the area of knowledge and technology commercialisation with their strategic orientation as well as with the continuous development of their transfer structures, systems and processes.

Beyond the working on the transfer framework, Atrineo AG's experienced employees are also closely involved in supporting and advising on specific transfer cases for these scientific institutions.

From all these activities, Atrineo AG is well acquainted with the goals, strategies, structures and working methods of a large number of different research organisations and universities.

Our Services

Atrineo AG offers the following services to scientific institutions:

Design and set up of strategies, structures, processes and IT systems for knowledge and technology transfer

Identification (screening) and evaluation (market analysis) of transfer cases

Initiation, development and financing of innovation project

IP management (identification, evaluation, protection, licensing, portfolio optimisation)

Management of cooperation and innovation along innovation value chains

Support technology-based start-ups (structuring, planning, foundation, market entry, financing, growth strategies)

Provide education and training for scientists and transfer officers on specific transfer topics

Success and impact analysis for transfer activities