Initiation, development and financing of innovation projects

Innovation ideas, inventions, technologies and research results cannot usually be commercialised immediately, but must first be further developed and contextualised. A major challenge here is not only the early and targeted interlocking with complementary actors along the innovation value chain, but also the establishment of adequate financing.

In this area Atrineo AG supports its clients in

  • Joint generation, assessment and sharpening of innovation and/or business ideas
  • Assessment of the user benefits as well as the innovation and market potential
  • Project structuring
  • Establishment of appropriate funding
  • Addressing and winning suitable cooperation partners

In certain cases, public support mechanisms may also be used.

Atrineo AG offers its clients in this area:

  • advice on the selection of a suitable funding instrument
  • Support in the preparation of a project description
  • Preparation of the work and financing plan
  • Assistance in preparing the required application documents

For a successful market launch, Atrineo AG supports its clients in

  • Market analyses and determination of the optimal market position
  • Ensuring that the innovation fits the market
  • Marketing and market entry strategies
  • Identification and acquisition of potential marketing partners