Identify, develop and unlock innovation and transfer potentials.

Atrineo AG is a strategic partner of excellent scientific institutions and innovative companies in the field of knowledge and technology transfer and innovation management. It supports its clients not only in the definition and establishment of strategies, structures, systems and processes, but also in singular transfer cases or transactions.


Atrineo AG offers a software solution tailored to the field of knowledge and
technology transfer which supports the planning, control and implementation
of transfer activities and processes in accordance with customer requirements

Funding and financing

Atrineo AG supports its clients in securing suitable financing
for strategic innovation projects

Development and implementation of innovation and transfer strategies

A changing innovation policy context, new circumstances, challenges and changes in a science institution or its relevant environment require a critical review, adaptation and further development of objectives and strategies for the transfer sector at regular intervals.

Cooperation along the innovation value chain

More and more often, findings and results from public research are being put into practical application through so-called multi-actor cooperation. Atrineo AG supports its clients in taking an appropriate position within these multi-stakeholder approaches.

Software-based Transferinformationsystem (TIS)

Atrineo AG has developed a tailor-made data management and software solution (Atriflow) to make even better use of the opportunities offered by digitisation, especially in the field of knowledge and technology transfer.

Finding fields of application and analysis of international markets

Atrineo AG carries out market analyses to test or evaluate ideas, inventions, technologies and research results. These are used, for example, to find the optimum position for a new technology or solution in the value chain, and to estimate the achievable innovation and business potential.

Initiation, development and financing of innovation projects

In order to further develop innovation ideas, inventions, technologies and research results in a targeted and market-oriented manner, it is necessary not only to link up with complementary players along the innovation value chain also requires an adequate
funding should be established.

Further training for scientists and transfer officers

Atrineo AG supports a number of scientific institutions with qualification and further training measures in order to continuously improve the transfer of scientific findings to industry and the public sector.

Project examples

Strategic development of technology transfer

End-to-end process for dealing with research-based intellectual property

Establishment of a transfer strategy

Accompanying the development of a joint-venture in the energy market




Screening interviews


Market analysis


Further education


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